REFOCUSING is a consulting and coaching company, which specializes in the development of managers, group processes and organizations in the academic environment – faculty and administration. My mission is to create high impact research and educations through strategic management and development of people and processes in organizations.

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The company has emerged from my work with the development of faculty, administration and institutional strategy processes at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

At DTU Systems Biology I worked in close collaboration with the Department management and contributed to many organizational development initiatives. Programs such as Good Teaching Practice, Good Leadership, and the PhD Intro Course are just a few results of what I have helped achieve using my HR skills, curiosity and passion for unleashing human potential.

At DTU corporate-level I have trained and coached PhD students, researchers and administrators in how to initiate beneficial MUS interviews, how to prevent stress and how to successfully manage people. I have facilitated research group processes and hence helped them improve collaboration and knowledge sharing and their ability to create specific, action-oriented goals.

Former colleagues tell me, I have a unique ability to ask curious questions. Questions about the things we often take for granted. Combined with my down-to-earth, appreciative and direct approach to people, I believe I provide the right level of disturbance to create development and value for people and projects.